David Rothermel's mature works serve as a metaphor for a sense of presence.

Crosssing over from previous landscape works; the paintings still evoke a sense of place or a feeling of being there. A shift from the horizontal to the vertical is a natural evolution where the structure is not compromised.

The "Portal" concept offers a spatial continuity where as the the forms have a tendency to dance in a push/pull, formal, abstract context; while at the same time maintaining their integrity within the rectangle.

These works reflect a time in the artist's past as a billboard painter in the 80's and as a young abstract artist in the 70's. The billboards were assembled in separate panels. Prior to painting, the panels were randomonly pulled from piles of previously painted billboards; juxtaposing in a random fashion, creating mixed images and patterns. It was at this time in the process of production where the images featured on this website have their origins.

acrylic on panel - 48 "x60"