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David Misconish is a Santa Fe artist whose raw and powerful work has been described as spiritual, emotive and enigmatic. Preferring non-traditional painting methods, he tends to work without brushes, palettes or conventional canvases. Instead, he applies paint using a variety of found objects and reveals his subjects through a process of reduction.


The constant dialogue between artist and art makes his work as much a discovery as a creation. David frequently creates time-lapse videos of his paintings to give his viewers a behind-the-scenes look at his process. Watching him paint is a roller coaster ride filled with twists and turns as his spontaneous decisions bring his subjects to life.


Described as abstract figurative, David’s paintings capture the impermanence and range of emotions that define the human experience. 


A self-taught painter, David draws on his background in design and architecture, and his travels throughout the continental United States, Europe and parts of Asia.


“My ultimate desire is to have my paintings connect with people on a visceral level, and have them interpret what they see based on how the painting makes them feel.”

- d a v e   m i s c o n i s h



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