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A native New Yorker, Ellen Koment is a graduate of The High School of Music and Art, and the Cooper Union Art School, and then went on to an MA in Painting from UC Berkeley. She stayed in the Bay Area for 25 years, teaching and exhibiting her work in museums and galleries. 


In 1994 she made her way to Santa Fe, almost simultaneous with her discovery of Encaustic as an exciting medium to work in. She has seen numerous successes, exhibits and publications since arriving in Santa Fe. She is represented in “Contemporary Art of the Southwest”, “EncausticWorks12” and in the soon to be released “Encaustic of the 21st Century”, where she wrote an article on Encaustic and Creative Process.


“Pouring on paper as a technique, for me, requires me to be present to the process and aware of all that is happening on the page. One must act in reaction to the way that the first color has fallen; it exists in the area between control and chaos. You have a modicum of control, you can control your color, and the general direction of the flow of the molten wax, and you can bend the paper to direct the wax.


With this, as with many of the variations possible with encaustic wax, understanding that its very ease can also be its nemesis. Being aware of the difference between accident and intention. The accident can open doors, create new impulses, change the direction of your work, but ultimately, the work must come from a place of intention, where the accidental has been enveloped into a greater reality of concept and intent. It allows us to work from our most profound intuitive place, but it must be an informed intuition, shaped through our knowledge and experience.”


Excerpt from “Encaustic and Creative Process”, Ellen Koment



Koment Resume




Karan Ruhlen Gallery, 2013 “Waxworks”, Portland, OR 2011 

Zane Bennett Contemporary, encaustics 2009 Originals 2007, Harwood Museum of Art, Taos, NM ENCAUSTIC Waxlander Gallery 2001, 2002 

Women Artists of New Mexico, National Museum of Women in the Arts, @ Lewallen Gallery, Santa Fe, 1999,

ENCAUSTIC Cup Show, Karan Ruhlen Gallery, Santa Fe, NM 1999,

ENCAUSTIC Moxley/Ross Naranjo Santa Fe, NM 1998 Santa Fe International Academy of Art, 1997 

Animals, Waxlander Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico 1996 

Fenix Gallery, Taos, New Mexico 1995 Annual Exhibit, The Oregon Arts Council, Salem, Oregon 1993 

Introductions, Solomon Dubnick Gallery, Sacramento, California 1992 Opening/Closing, Artspace, Los Angeles, California 1991 

Balance Brought Forward, Artspace, Los Angeles, California 1991 Arts 1990,  

California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, California 1990

Arts 1989,  California Museum of Art, Santa Rosa, California 1989 

Painting Invitational, Bowery Gallery, New York City, New York 1988  

Four Artists, Berkeley Art Center, Berkeley, California 1988 The San Francisco Arts Festival Juried Exhibit, San Francisco, California 1984  

Juried Exhibition, The Richmond Art Center, Richmond, California 1969 

New Painters, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA 1967 


2011 Krause Residence, Trump Tower NYC 
1998 Gottlieb Foundation Emergency Assistance Grant 
1997 Creative Work Grant, University of New Mexico(for encaustic ) 
1994 Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Residency Grant 
1991 Sonoma County Visual Artist's Grant (NEA) 
1986 Helene Wurlitzer Foundation Residency Grant 
1983 McDonald Mansion, Stained Glass Commision  
Helen Wurlitzer Foundation Residency Grant  


M.A. Painting, UC Berkeley, 1983 
BFA Cooper Union Art School, New York City 
High School of Music and Art, NYC 



Santa Fe Community College
University of New Mexico 
Santa Rosa Junior College 




"Encaustic in the 21st century", paintings and article, Ashley Rooney, Pub: 2016
"Contemporary Art of the Southwest", Ashley Rooney 2014
“Encaustic Works 2011”, ed, Joanne Mattera
“Contemporary Paper and Encaustic”, Catherine Nash
Architectural Digest, Oct 2011, Painting in the Davis home, Santa Fe 
New Mexico Magazine Oct 2011, about EK encaustic workshops 
"Art and Letters, Love and Desires", Ellen Koment and Jack Leissring


Pasatiempo, New Mexican, April 2014
Pasatiempo, New Mexican, February 1996
Painting for Katy "Bird" Magnunsen, Artweek, Jan 1993
Landscapes, Press Democrat, 1990Four Artists, Oakland Tribune, 1985
New Painters at San Francisco Museum of Art, San Francisco, CA 1966


R&F Encaustics “Artist of the Month”, March 2010
ATOA Panel Moderator, NYC, Oct 2009, “Encaustic Today”
International Encaustic Conference, presenter, 2011, 2013
Montserrat Encaustic Conference Presenter: June 2010: “Working Large”




Karan Ruhlen Gallery, 2014

Box Gallery, Santa Fe, July, 2010  

Box Gallery, Santa Fe, 2008  

Waxlander Gallery, Santa Fe, 2005  

Waxlander Gallery, Santa Fe, 2004  

Helix Gallery, Santa Fe, NM, 2000  

Ebert Gallery, San Francisco, 1997,  

Ebert Gallery, San Francisco, 1995 

Cynthia Woody Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, January 1997  

Ebert Gallery, San Francisco, California 1995 

Vita Gallery, Portland, Oregon 1994  

Shapiro Jameson Gallery, San Francisco, California 1991  

Pheonix College Art Gallery, Phoenix, Arizona1991 

J. Noblett Gallery, Sonoma, California 1990, 1988, 1987 

Clatsop College Gallery, Astoria, Oregon 1987 

Piper Sonoma, Healdsburg, California 1986 

Solano College Gallery, Fairfield, California 1984 

The Annex Gallery, Santa Rosa, California 1983 


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