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I am a self taught artist and life’s experience is my classroom.  I have dabbled on an academic level exploring every aspect of art such as drawing, painting, ceramics, glass casting and design.


Using found objects such as sand paper, metal, rubber and ephemera, I construct my images in a very spontaneous and quick process, never overworking the concept at hand.  I am very concerned about the issues of shape, placement, balance, color and negative space with the intention of using only minimal material but at the same time allowing for an intricate and detailed composition.


My great influences have come from my long time interests and studies of many of the great early 20th Century European artists; Laurens, Feininger, Delaunay, Duchamp as well as the designers Peche, Hoffmann, Ruhlmann, architects Chareau, Barragan, Corbusiers, Loos and the sculptors Brancusi and Archipenko.  The postwar Italian artists Fontana, Colla, Burri, Jodice also influence my work and we still see their impact on art today.  My strongest influences come from the subconscious labyrinths portrayed in the works of Francis Bacon.


I am also influenced by my former work as a designer of window displays for couture shops and department stores in the 1980’s.


I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico with my partner Mark Di Prima, who inspires me beyond words, and our three amazing cats.  I enjoy the solitude of my studio mixed with the urgency to create.


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